Olivia Grace Watkins

oliviawatkins @ berkeley . edu

Who am I?

I am a SOTA neural network.

  • I have been training in a continual learning setting for more than two decades.
  • In 2019, I did rapid domain adaptation to the OOD environment of Berkeley grad school.
  • I have successfully learned collaboration in the multi-agent environment of BAIR (Berkeley AI Research).
  • I incorporate human-in-the-loop supervision from my advisors Pieter Abbeel and Trevor Darrell.
  • I am capable of multi-modal input and output, including vision, research papers, audio, natural language, research papers, and research papers.
  • I’m robust against all adversarial inputs except chocolate.
  • I achieve near-human performance on all Atari games.

Reviewer Concerns:

  • Approach is not replicable; has only been run on one seed.
  • There are serious privacy concerns with the online data collection method, which includes substantial personally identifying information.
  • Algorithm may incorporate human biases.
  • Source code has been released but is unintelligible; uses only four variable names (ATCG)
  • Couldn’t you just use a tranformer for this?

What are my research interests?

The research question I’m most excited about is how to enable humans to teach robots tasks with efficient, natural, low-effort supervision. More concretely, I’m enthusiastic about human-in-the-loop teaching for robotics and unsupervised representation learning methods which will enable robots to learn representations from large-scale data which can make task-specific human supervision downstream more efficient.

Do you have a life outside of research?

In my spare time I play Quidditch, hang out with friends, make mediocre puns, and procrastinate on keeping my website up to date.


  1. NeurIPS
    Teachable Reinforcement Learning via Advice Distillation
    Watkins, Olivia, Darrel, Trevor, Abbeel, Pieter, Andreas, Jacob, and Gupta, Abhishek (final author order tbd)
    NeurIPS 2021 2021
  2. ICRA
    Auto-Tuned Sim-to-Real Transfer
    Du *, Yuqing, Watkins*, Olivia, Darrell, Trevor, Abbeel, Pieter, and Pathak, Deepak
    ICRA 2021
  3. ICML Workshop
    Explaining Reinforcement Learning Policies through Counterfactual Trajectories
    Frost, Julius, Watkins, Olivia, Weiner, Eric, Abbeel, Pieter, Darrell, Trevor, Plummer, Bryan, and Saenko, Kate
    ICML Workshop on Human in the Loop Learning 2021
  4. ICNLP
    Hierarchical text generation using an outline
    Drissi, Mehdi, Watkins, Olivia, and Kalita, Jugal
    International Conference on Natural Language Processing 2018
  5. ICML Workshop
    Program language translation using a grammar-driven tree-to-tree model
    Drissi*, Mehdi, Watkins*, Olivia, Khant, Aditya, Ojha, Vivaswat, Sandoval, Pedro, Segev, Rakia, Weiner, Eric, and Keller, Robert
    ICML Workshop on Neural Abstract Machines & Program Induction 2018